KÁSHKASH [Georgian: კაშკაშ] – sunshine, brilliance, luster, luminousness.

01. Who we are

We believe that sun lives in each of us and every time we shine from inside, we create beauty.

We are a team of Tbilisi-based artisan skincare formulators, united around the idea of combining wonders of Georgian flora with the modern formulation approaches.

We believe that sun lives in each of us and every time we shine from inside, we create beauty.

We have no name, no nationality, no age, no gender.

We are the people of the Sun. 

02. Our Story

The whole story began with a tiny essential oils testing kit as a birthday gift.

Keto, the co-founder of KÁSHKASH got pretty much into the DYI skin care products as she accidentally found her grand grandma’s formulation notebook.

It was a sign. Mannie appeared to be the famous skin care formulator of her time. Keto tested her formulas and they were just brilliant! She conducted the internationally accredited skin care formulation diploma course and adjusted Mannie’s formulas according to the global clean beauty standards, transforming them into fully vegan and vegeterian products.

So KÁSHKASH was born. Mannie’s 70-years-old leather-covered notebook and her vintage mechanical weighs became the success symbols of the business. The first collection, Maniii by KÁSHKASH was launched in July, 2018 as a tribute to grandma, and much more is yet to come.

Keto Giorgobiani Co-Founder Kashkash About Us

Keto Giorgobiani


03. Our Founder

Keto co-founded KASHKASH with her close friend and partner in crime with an attempt to explore and promote Georgia in a completely new way. Both women with hectic lifestyle, they started creating fresh multi-use cosmetics to enable urban people transform their short-time routine into pampering rituals.

04. Our Vision

Become the first Georgian brand manufacturing high-end natural cosmetic products, going global. 

05. Our Mission

Develop, manufacture and distribute clean, upscale beauty products based on the unique, innovative formulas – using only highest quality active ingredients.

We believe that every human hides an inner shine.

Our job is to help them release it. 

We trust nature to be the ultimate laboratory that supplies us with the best raw ingredients.

06. Our Formulation Philosophy

We do not intend to change your skin — we want it to feel and look its best; and in this quest is nature our biggest ally.

We love creating our skin and planet-friendly formulas using highest quality vegetable oils, essential oils, plant-based actives & beeswax from local farming (as well as lots of certified organic ingredients).

Huge believers in self love, we are on a mission of transforming your everyday routine into truly unique rituals to pamper your body and mind.