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Journeying with KÁSHKASH

KÁSHKASH is pursuing an ambitious goal—the country’s guests will soon be able to enjoy the brand’s personal care products at Georgia’s hotels. In this way, we present to them quality and yet special Georgian products, on one hand, and inaugurate their introduction to our country with this exceptional collection from KÁSHKASH. As the brand is making ready for this exciting collaboration, let me share a thing or two from my personal experience—in fact, this is where it all starts.

We the KÁSHKASH patrons are many. A numerous, motley crew. We are of different ages and interests. Our lifestyles vary, and we have totally dissimilar wishes. But, when it comes to brushing shoulders with KÁSHKASH, what brings us together is a journey—a journey through time and space. After all, KÁSHKASH itself is a journeyer! It was conceived this way in the first place, having tied its development as a brand to discoveries and adventures. This explains why all of its products are designed for travel, practical in size and packaging to make sure they fit in bags of any shape—to make us feel at home wherever, however far away, we may be.

Travel comes in all shapes and sizes. It may be spontaneous, when you sneak out of town and find shelter someplace else just for a couple of days. Alternately, you may plan it well in advance, consider and calculate everything down to the smallest detail, from checking wind speed to listing must-see attractions. Or, you might take the easy way—just bring a KÁSHKASH product closer to your nose and close your eyes.

“Subtropical Garden” 

Generally, I love subtropical fruits and that pungent scent it usually emits. As a rule, though, I rarely pick this line when it comes to personal care products. The pleasant, somewhat sweetish fragrance is often accompanied by those unnatural notes that grow even more intense in time and unpleasantly remind me of themselves, explaining why I’ve given up experimenting and now stick to what has worked once. I take things easy.

But how could I resist and say no to trying Subtropical Garden from KÁSHKASH? I spread this lotion—light lemon in color and airy in texture—over my hands and inhaled deeply to savor the scent. It was intense, distinct, and precise—totally unmistakable. As I wondered what it reminded me of, right away a scene from childhood appeared before my eyes, when mother would peel oranges, and I would bring the peels close to my face, squeezing them hard until the zesty spatters hiding inside splashed on my face at lightning speed. For me, these were spatters of citrusy endorphins, both cheerful and aromatic.

“Georgian Forest” 

Next time, I grabbed Georgian Forest and looked at it askance, doubting that I should expect anything from it, and then eyed up its green coloration again. My skin gently absorbed the airy lotion, so now I decided to “sample it” with my curious nose. It reminded me of a forest, the kind that greets you on a slightly frosty morning after a downpour the night before, and you spare no effort to inhale deeply and memorize that this is a pine, and that one is a eucalypt or spruce. Suddenly, I also remembered that pine resin chewing gum that took me so much trouble to “tame” with my jaws as a child. I’ve outgrown this fun “goofy stuff” long ago, I thought.

We all want first-rate personal care products for ourselves. But it’s a different story when they can awaken emotions and stories slumbering somewhere in the corners of our memory. In this case, they deserve an honorable place, explaining why the compact Subtropical Garden hand lotion ended up in my purse—you never know when you might need citrusy endorphins—while Georgian Forest now occupies the most prominent spot, next to my bed.

The entire collection of KÁSHKASH is an opportunity to get to know Georgia up close and personal: Georgian Forest with its idiosyncratic notes of Georgia’s woodland, Subtropical Garden inspired by the Black Sea region, and Georgian Vinotherapy with magical aromas stemming from Georgian grape seed oil. It is a chance to offer a special, extraordinary experience to visitors—an experience that starts right in your hotel room.


P.S. And you, where does KÁSHKASH take you traveling?


By Una Abashidze

Photo: Tamara Kachakhidze