L I Y A X KÁSHKASH: First Georgian Makeup Brand Is Live

We’ve teamed up with LIYA, our favorite georgian fashion brand, to create the first ever makeup line designed and produced in Georgia. 

LIYA is a contemporary women’s clothing brand with strong belief in individuality and love for one’s individual presence. KÁSHKASH is a team of Tbilisi-based artisan skincare formulators, united around the idea of combining wonders of Georgian flora with the modern formulation approaches. The main idea behind LIYA X KÁSHKASH is to create makeup that combines beauty and skincare to compliment your natural look. The team is fully committed to delivering unique handmade products using only natural and organic ingredients. 

“It’s a great responsibility to come up with the first Georgian makeup brand to be sold globally. That’s why together with LIYA, we created 100% natural, cruelty-free, plant-based products. This makeup line will surely become another landmark for our country”,- so Ketevan Giorgobiani of KÁSHKASH. 

“It was always back of our mind to create LIYA’s cosmetics. Since we could not find a reliable expert partner, that project stayed for long just an idea. Until we came across KÁSHKASH SKINCARE products. I myself am their loyal customer and we love the idea that their products are all-natural and handmade”– says Liya Goglidze of LIYA. 

The brand is launched with the range of moisturizing color lipsticks. Designed to deliver long-lasting, creamy finish, this all natural medium-coverage formula hydrates lips and leaves the velvety feel. Coming in 3 shades and a pearly colorless base, you will find a lipstick for every occasion and every skin tone. From pearly violet to orange red, the shades are inspired by the sunlight during different times of the day. Classic reds with blue, yellow or berry undertones are a perfect finish to every look – from casual denim to evening glamour. The pearlescent sparkly base is a must-have for those no-makeup-makeup days as a stand-alone product, too. 

The range of LIYA X KÁSHKASH will soon be expanded with the other skin loving products that are on their pipeline.

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