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Her Majesty Grapeseed Oil

Being manufactured in the homeland of wine and world’s oldest vineyard culture, no surprise that we at KÁSHKASH have chosen the organic grapeseed oil as a base for our first product line – Maniii by KÁSHKASH.

We love grapeseed oil for its moisturising properties and high percentage of Vitamin E, Vitamin C and beta-carotene which allows it to offer so many therapeutic benefits for our skin.

It’s also one of those few oils that work great both for dry and oily skin because of its fantastic ability to balance out the dry and oily patches of the skin.

Grapeseed oil is our absolute favorite in fighting the first signs of aging as it tightens and moisturizes the skin, reduces wrinkles, treats acne and scars.

In other words: it lets us shine – shine from inside!


Products containing organic grapeseed oil: 

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